Welcome to Diamond Ice Manufacturing

Contrary to what you may think, all Ice Manufacturing Companies are not the same. Diamond Ice brings the latest in cutting edge technology to Ice Manufacturing in Connecticut. We are doing something different with our service, with our products, and with our community.

High-Tech and Green
Dee Zee LLC (the producer and distributor of Diamond Ice) has been awarded substantial grants from The Connecticut Light and Power Company for our installation of major energy saving equipment in our new plant, including an 80 Kilowatt Solar System. We are proud that our equipment qualifies for energy incentives under the Energy Conscious Blueprint (ECB) Program.

Fully Trackable
All of our trucks have GPS tracking devices which translates into faster response times for our customers.

Quality and Safety
Our water is tested bi-weekly so you can be sure we are delivering you only the best quality ice. Our heat-sealed bags exceed health code requirements and guarantee product safety.

Diamond Ice has 24 hour emergency service. We will insure you are never out of ice since our trucks are only a phone call away!

Ice Cold Delivery
Our fleet of delivery trucks is fully refrigerated and fully loaded. Your ice will arrive ice cold and rock solid. Our cubes stay cubes.

Our Location
Diamond Ice is centrally located in Southington, CT only minutes from I-84.

Strong, Versatile, and UPC-Coded Bags
Who knew an ice bag could provide so much? Our new bags are stronger than ever so leaks and tears won't be a concern. They come in all shapes and sizes (even custom-sized) so you can cater to your customer's needs. And best of all, every bag is UPC coded for your pricing convenience. We can also furnish customized, branded bags.

Competitive Pricing
Just contact us for our pricing. It varies depending on what you need, but you're sure to be pleased with the results.

Have Drop Off Your Way
We give full service directly to your dock or you can pick it up from our dock - whatever works for your company or organization.

93 Industrial Drive, Southington Ct 06489
Tel: 860-276-3500, Fax: 860-621-5050
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