We have a variety of products, from clear bagged ice to block ice. At any point in time, our freezer is stocked with over 100,000 bags of ice. Whatever the occasion, we promise we have you covered.


The Diamond Ice Promise

Each Diamond Ice bag is UPC coded for your pricing convenience.

Each Diamond Ice bag is heat-sealed.

Each Diamond Ice bag not only meets, but exceeds health code requirements.


Packaged Ice:

  • 5 lb bags
  • 8 lb bags
  • 20 lb bags
  • 40 lb bags

Block Ice:

  • 10 lb blocks
  • 25 lb blocks

Crushed Ice:

  • 20 lb bags

Special Occasions:

  • 150 lb block for luge (sloped with groove)
  • 300 lb block for carvings


Pricing: Pricing will depend on the volume, number of merchandisers needed, seasonality of the account and the location of the existing route. In order to meet your individual needs, we ask that you call for a pricing estimate. We promise our prices are competitive and fair.

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