Ice Matters™

Temporary art that leaves a lasting impression!

Ice Matters TM, Diamond Ice Cold, Diamond Ice
Owner/Award Winning Ice Sculptor: Bill Covitz

Ice Matters™ is a full service Ice Carving Company serving all of Connecticut. They take great pride in all of the sculptures they create and use only crystal clear ice blocks, which further enhances their artistic capabilities.

Martini Luges, Seafood Displays, Full Bars, Furniture, Plates, Table Centerpieces and More…

The possibilities are endless!
An Ice Matters™ Ice Sculpture will enhance any special occasion. What can they create for you?

Owner/Award Winning Ice Sculptor: Bill Covitz
Home Office: Jen Covitz
Telephone: 203-271-3736
Toll Free: 866-571-7177
Fax: 203-271-3536